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Did you miss the national or state by a few questions? Did your nerves take control during the exam?

Let Us Help You Refresh Your Knowledge, so You can take the exam in Confidence!

Need help prepping for the Maryland pre-licensing real estate course exam? Trust Tristar Academy

At Tristar Academy, we are committed to helping you achieve the success you seek. Our pre-licensing real estate courses are designed to prepare students for the challenges not only of the licensing exam but also for the challenges of a career in real estate since the academy is the educational arm of Tristar Realty Inc.

Approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission we are an independent, private career academy that prepares students on subjects such as the principles and practices of real estate for sales persons. If you're unsure about your preparation for the licensing exam, we can also help you with preparation and grounding for the Maryland pre-licensing real estate course you plan to opt for.

Effective Exam Prep and Tips From the Experts

Being a part of a real estate company, The Tristar academy can add practical tips and useable information apart from the merely theoretical knowledge to a student's experience. Whether you're someone who aims to make their first bid or you wish to make a fresh attempt at the exam after an successful bid, we can help. It could be that you were too nervous to do your best and that despite knowing your material you were not able to put in your 100 percent best effort for your Maryland pre-licensing real estate exam.

Perhaps you missed narrowly because you were unable to give correct answers to just a few questions or perhaps the gap between your attempts has lengthened to an extent that you now need a refresher course. Whichever be the case, we can help you prepare effectively and thoroughly for your exam. With our vast and long experience in the field, we are aware of what material is important from the exam point of view and what aspects you need to work harder on to achieve success.

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