MD Real Estate Exam Prep for PSI - Math Review

Exam Preparation for the MD Real Estate PSI Exam  

Sunday, November 12th      

1:30pm - 3:00pm    

Silver Spring Location

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Duration 1.5 Hour Class
Skill Level Moderate
Languages English
Includes Handouts, Discussion, & On Hands Practice

About This Course

Published 11/12/2017 01:30pm English

Perhaps you narrowly missed the passing mark because you were unable to give correct answers to just a few of the math questions or perhaps you just need a refresher for the Real Estate math equations. Whichever be the case, we can help you prepare effectively and thoroughly for your exam. With our vast and long experience in the field, we are well aware of what material is important from the exam point of view and what aspects you need to work harder on to achieve success.

    What am I going to get from this course?
  • The participants will receive the knowledge and assistance they need in order to pass their PSI exam and begin their career in Real Estate. 

  • What is the target audience?
  • Those that have completed the 60hr Pre-Licensing course for Salespersons in Maryland that are either preparing to take the PSI exam for the first time or are retaking it.

Is this course required before I take the PSI Exam?

You do not need to take this course to take the PSI Exam, however, it will only benefit you if you do.

Is the PSI exam cost included in this course?

No, PSI charges a $61 fee for each time you take the exam with them.

Where can I register for the PSI Exam?

You may register at the link below:

Does this class review National & State content?

This class only covers math problems, equations, etc.. For an overview of the National & State portion please view our other Exam Prep course.

Instructor Biography


Chris Sinanan, Instructor, School Director, Associate Broker in MD, DC, VA, & PA

Chris E. Sinanan has over 20 years in Real Estate. is an Associate Broker licensed in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Chris' focus point, when teaching, is to break down the information so that the students can grasp a deep understanding from what is being taught. Chris has a passion in marketing, business, growing companies in any market condition(s), and is dedicated in accomplishing, not only his own goals, but to help and make sure that his students do the same. Chris is a creative, ambitious, determined, innovated, effective, and masterminded leader. Chris was previously the CEO of ECS Computers Technology, President and CEO of RTI Computers, Investor (currently a hobby), Stock and Option Trader, Operation Director for Allstar Corporations Construction, CEO of EBT Mold, and he is currently the Vice President of Operations at Tristar Realty, Inc. Chris enjoys cooking, having a drink, fishing, boating, driving, and much more. He loves to motivate and be motivated. Chris is known for being a great speaker, a risk-taker, a leader, and much more!


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