15hr MD CE Bundle

All 15hrs of MD required CE for a Salesperson/Associate Broker that is not a Team Leader or Branch Office Manager 

Saturday, March 23rd 

7:15am - 10:45pm    

Columbia Location


Duration 15 Hour Bundle
Skill Level Moderate
Languages English
Includes Handouts and Discussion

About This Course

Published 03/23/2019 07:15am English

This bundle contains the below classes: 

MREC Agency - Residential - 3hr Required Course

MD Ethics, Flipping,& Predatory Lending - 3hr Required Course

MD Legislative Update 2014 - 2015 - 3hr Required Course

Fair Housing - 1.5hr Required Course

Residential Contract of Sale - In Simple English - 3hr Elective Course

Knowing Your Disclosure Forms - 1.5hr Elective Course


    What am I going to get from this course?
  • At the end of the course, the participants will have completed all 15 CE hours for the license renewal under the guidelines for a MD Salesperson or Associate Broker.

    Please note if you hold a Broker license or are a Team leader or Branch Office Manager this bundle will only satisfy 12 of your CE hours and you will still need to take a MREC - Supervision course to satisfy your renewal requirements.

  • What is the target audience?
  • This class is for Real Estate Salesperson and Associate Brokers looking to fulfill their license renewal requirements for Maryland.

Will these classes satisfy my renewal requirements?

Yes, if you hold a salesperson or associate broker license in MD and are not a team leader or branch office manager.

Are any classes eligible for DC credit?

Yes, the first 2 classes in the bundle, MREC Agency - Residential and MD Ethics, Flipping,& Predatory Lending are eligible for 3hrs of DC elective credit apiece. Please note there is an additional $10 charge for each class to receive the DC credit.

Instructor Biography


Chris Sinanan, Instructor, School Director, Associate Broker in MD, DC, VA, & PA

Chris E. Sinanan has over 20 years in Real Estate. is an Associate Broker licensed in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Chris' focus point, when teaching, is to break down the information so that the students can grasp a deep understanding from what is being taught. Chris has a passion in marketing, business, growing companies in any market condition(s), and is dedicated in accomplishing, not only his own goals, but to help and make sure that his students do the same. Chris is a creative, ambitious, determined, innovated, effective, and masterminded leader. Chris was previously the CEO of ECS Computers Technology, President and CEO of RTI Computers, Investor (currently a hobby), Stock and Option Trader, Operation Director for Allstar Corporations Construction, CEO of EBT Mold, and he is currently the Vice President of Operations at Tristar Realty, Inc. Chris enjoys cooking, having a drink, fishing, boating, driving, and much more. He loves to motivate and be motivated. Chris is known for being a great speaker, a risk-taker, a leader, and much more!


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