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Contact Tristar Academy located in Silver Spring, MD to find out more about our

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At Tristar Academy we offer Maryland prelicensing real estate classes including real estate sales person exam prep classes. We also many other classes to succeed in real estate including marketing, how to bid on HUD properties, social media, and more. 

Maryland Prelicensing Real Estate Classes (240) 701-6327

Become a Realtor With Maryland Prelicensing Real Estate Course

A Maryland prelicensing real estate course from Tristar Academy can help make you an effective and successful realtor
The smartest thing any professional can do for their career graph is to receive the right training and knowhow within their chosen niche or field and to obtain certification that is both respected and recognized within that sphere. You can continue your education with Tristar Academy, a known and respected real estate education provider in Silver Spring, Bowie, Columbia, and Waldorf, MD.

Why Choose Tristar Academy
We are the educational arm of Tristar Realty Inc, and so you know that our Maryland prelicensing real estate course will offer you valuable, hands-on training that will prepare you not only for getting your license but also for your foray into the actual field of realty. The Tristar Academy is an independent, private, career academy that offers courses to effectively ready you in areas such as the Maryland Principles and practices of real estate for salespersons.

Since all our instructors are active real estate agents and brokers, they are able to offer valuable insight into what really works and what doesn’t in the world of realty. You can have the benefit of their experience in the field, which will stand you in good stead as a realtor later in life. Our prelicensing real estate course prepares students to compete for the State of Maryland Real Estate Licensing Examination and improves the students’ chances at not just passing but acing the exam.

Our academy is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission so you know that the course offers certification that is recognized and approved by the appropriate authorities. Our instructors are dedicated to providing you the tools required for success in the field of real estate.  We constantly update and improve your training methods and material so you have access to the most effective tools of the trade; tools you can use to take your business to the next level.

Reach out to us to find out more about our Maryland prelicensing real estate course today. Use our contact form to get in touch Maryland prelicensing real estate course today. Use our contact form to get in touch today!