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Successful Students!


“Attending Tristar Academy was an astounding experience! I gained so much knowledge and clear understanding of everything that was taught throughout the whole entire class. It was everything that I expected and more.”

- Christina Fanbulleh


“The overall experience was very positive. The environment breeds a welcoming invitation and attraction to affiliate with the parent agency. The amount of information, concerns for students, and passion in the industry is much needed for those interested in real estate.”

- Steve E. Ballard


“My experience at Tristar Academy was well taught and had a high level of energy needed to motivate myself to excel and become better than all others in my class. The level of integrity and knowledge was there to properly inform the students.”

- Juan Bonilla


“I loved the class! My instructor, Chris, he should teach them all, my experience was WONDERFUL!”

- Dwayne Hall


“Great as it always is.”

- Maurice Thompson


Bowie Graduates!


“Cindy, Chris, & Sharon set a wonderful example and were very knowledgeable on real estate transactions. The course was very informative and well managed, I would recommend the course and the instructors.”

- Brian Gebicke


“I had a great time and I learned a lot. I would recommend this course. I am ready to pass my PSI Exam!”

- Dennis Romero


Silver Spring Graduates!


Student Experiences!


Student Testimonials for our Real Estate Classes

What our students say about their experiences with our real estate classes in VA

User feedback is a good indicator of the quality and experience offered. The same holds true for the students who have received training at Tristar Academy. Reading about the experiences students have had with the real estate classes will illustrate better than any amount of marketing patter why you should choose Tristar Academy for real estate classes in VA.

What Our Students Say About Their Real Estate Classes

You can watch videos of students above as they narrate their experiences about enrolling with and attending the courses we offer or you can read published reviews and testimonials. Students speak about various ways in which their experiences were positive and enriching. Not only that, you can also take a peek at the graduating students holding up their certificates proudly as they venture out into their professional lives.

Students find their overall experiences to be very positive. Students described the environment at the academy as ‘welcoming’ and added that the affiliation of the academy to the parent company was another plus point. Students pointed out that our instructors have a passion for the industry of real estate, which makes our real estate classes in VA all the more effective.

Students gained not only knowledge about their chosen field but also the benefit of industry insight that helped them understand their material better. The energy levels in class are high and the instructors are able to motivate students to perform better and excel to the best of their abilities. Not only do the instructors have a high level of industry expertise and knowhow, they also display an admirable level of integrity, said students. Courses are described as informative, well managed, and enjoyable; with many of our students wholeheartedly recommending the courses as being extremely effective pre-licensing tools.

Learn more about our real estate classes in VA and read student’s recommendations above. You can call us at 240-701-6327 or email us at with any query or observations you may have.