DC Fair Housing

Friday July 12th, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Update your knowledge about fair housing laws and practices to help your clients avoid discrimination

Become proficient in federal housing legislation and fair housing laws in this 3-hour continuing education or reciprocity training

It is necessary for real estate agents to stay updated with fair housing laws and practices to renew their Salesperson Real Estate License. The federal law is very clear about potential fair housing discriminatory practices, and comprehensive knowledge about these practices is necessary to help your clients and renew your license. Tristar Academy offers this 3-hour training to provide you with an extensive consideration of potential fair housing discriminatory practices which are prohibited under federal law. It will help you keep your knowledge updated and become the most sought-after agent in your area. This course can be used by:
  • Maryland Real Estate Licensees who are looking to Obtain their DC Real Estate License through Reciprocity
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  • DC Real Estate Licensees who need Continuing Education to Renew their DC License
Topics under this Course will, among other things, include Government Policy on Fair Housing Laws, Federal Fair Housing Legislation, Prohibitions Against Steering, Blockbusting, and Redlining, Linguistic Profiling, Data on Fair Housing Discrimination in the DMV Area, Consideration and Analysis of the Americans With Disabilities Act, etc. This course will explore:
  • Data on fair housing discrimination in the District of Columbia Area
  • Fair housing violation recent case studies
  • Changes in regulations regarding fair housing
  • A profound analysis of the protected class frequently mentioned in complaints regarding fair housing
  • Criminal record and sexual orientation screening and how they apply to fair housing
  • Evaluating what the future of housing law might look like
Our courses are delivered online by experts via Zoom allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home.

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This course is a 3-hour Washington, DC Continuing Education Requirement. Also can be used as a prerequisite course for MD Real Estate Licensees obtaining their DC Real Estate License.