DL/ Better Understanding of the Appraisal Report, Market Value and Pricing Properties


Never Misestimate the Value of a Property

Master the fundamentals of Property Appraisal in 3 hours

The Better Understanding of the Appraisal Report, Market Value and Pricing Properties course has been created to provide you with the working knowledge and detailed understanding required to accurately determine the market value of properties. As a real estate licensee, you need to understand the appraisal process so that your clients can make real estate transactions with confidence knowing that they will not be paying more than the actual worth of the property. Additionally, an appraisal in real estate is essential for numerous actions including analyzing an investment, sales listing, property insurance, taxation, and financing. Valuing real estate, however, is a difficult procedure due to the uniqueness of features of each property such as the floor plan, location, lot size, amenities, etc. This Tristar Academy course aims to make this procedure easier by diving into numerous appraisal process concepts such as:

  • Differences between CMA, BPO, and the Property Market Value
  • Fundamentals and Basic Value Principles
  • House Styles and Types
  • How to Select Good Comparable Homes
  • Understanding the Appraisal Report and Adjustments
  • HOW TO: – Spot a Bad Appraisal Report – Better Price Properties – Cheaply Maximize Market Value

This is a on-demand self paced course presented solely online that you can complete from the comfort of your home. With our new audio feature, you can take the course on the go and learn at your own pace. Master the process of appraisals and provide yourself and your clients with the comfort of knowing you will never misestimate a property again.

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This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Elective Category: F - Professional enhancements for practicing licensees