DL/ MREC Agency - Commercial


Unlock the complexities of Maryland Real Estate Agency in Commercial Transactions

As a licensee, you owe fiduciary responsibilities to your clients, encompassing loyalty, obedience, trust, confidence, skill, diligence, accountability, care, and full disclosure. These duties vary based on the parties involved, making it crucial for agents to disclose their representation to all parties involved.

Our approved course dives deep into the nuances of agency relationships, covering topics such as common-law duties, sub-agency, disclosed and undisclosed dual agency, remedies for breach of fiduciary duties, obligations to non-principals, the abolition of caveat emptor in Maryland, and termination of agency. Delve into the regulatory interventions that govern agency relationships, explore recent developments under Maryland law, and understand the Real Estate Commission's license renewal policy post-October 1, 2015.

What to expect from the course:

  • Identify and discuss various types of real estate agencies
  • Define the agency relationship and explore its principles
  • Outline duties within the principal-agent relationship in real estate
  • Detail the responsibilities of real estate transaction agents
  • Explain the process of terminating agency relationships
  • Outline disclosure requirements within an agency
  • Engage in role-playing scenarios to enhance practical understanding

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This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Requirement
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