DL/MD Real Estate Legislative Regulations 2022-24


Always Stay Up-to-date on Legislative Updates to Deal with Clients Confidently

Learn about new and changed laws in this 3-hour Continuing Education training

It is vital for an agent or licensee to stay up to date with the law. First-time buyers and people selling their homes after many years are completely out of touch with the recent updates in legislation. As an agent who understands local and state laws and their impacts in the industry and who has the ability to discuss new legislation, you will be able to comfort cautious consumers. Tristar Academy has been approved to present this 3-hour course that discusses amendments and recent updates in Maryland Law that were passed in the legislative sessions of 2021, 2022, & things to look out for in 2023. Also explores how these will affect everyday real estate practices and ensures that you are completely up-to-date with the law. Additionally, this course provides the participants with contemporary trends and practices in the real estate industry particularly relating to governmental legislative intervention for regulation purposes. The course affords the participants the opportunity to learn about the up-to-date position of current and novel legal issues facing Maryland licensees and offers legitimately strategic legal avenues to proffer a solution to such arising issues. Among other things, the participants are exposed to several legislations dealing with affordable housing and taxes, Real Estate Brokerage and Contracts, Common Ownership Communities, Land use, property rights, and the environment, property management, and other miscellaneous laws. Some of the things that will be discussed:

  • The MREC’s mission, duties, and authority
  • Added fair housing protections in Maryland
  • Professionalism and ethics elements to continuing education
  • Recent laws concerning septic inspections and sinkholes
  • The Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act
  • Amendments to governing documents and common interest community declarations
  • Other recent laws concerning landlords and tenants in Maryland

This is a on-demand self paced course presented solely online that you can complete from the comfort of your home. With our new audio feature, you can take the course on the go and learn at your own pace.

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This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Requirement Category: A - Federal, State or Local Legislative issues