DL/MREC Supervision


Be an effective leader by learning how to supervise licensees and independent contractors

Get the most out of your staff with this 3-hour continuing education training

One of the main responsibilities of a team leader, manager, or broker is supervision. Whether you’re acting as a broker, branch office manager, or team leader, you must provide adequate and reasonable supervision to other licensees and independent contractors doing business on behalf of your brokerage. The consequences for failing to provide this support can be severe; in fact, you could lose your license and be required to pay a hefty fine. Understanding adequate and reasonable supervision can be tricky, which is why Tristar Academy has been approved to present this 3-hour course to explore, in detail, the supervisory responsibilities that apply trade names, advertisements, formation of intra-company agency relationships, and the proper handling of deposits. What’s covered in this course?

  • Understanding adequate and reasonable supervision as outlined by Maryland law
  • Independent contractor supervision in Maryland
  • How to supervise teams
  • Attorneys, advertisements, incentives, and deposits
  • How to manage records

Additionally, this course will break down the numerous supervision components to meet the legal obligations. The training will cover policies and procedures, training sessions, sales meetings, teams, and assistants. Learn secrets that will maximize your staff’s productivity while minimizing liabilities. This is a on-demand self paced course presented solely online that you can complete from the comfort of your home. With our new audio feature, you can take the course on the go and learn at your own pace. Be an effective leader that can get the most out of their team while ensuring you stay protected from legal issues.

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This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Elective for Salesperson & Associate Brokers and a Required course for Brokers, Team Leaders, and Managers. Category: I - MREC Broker, Branch Office Manager and Team Leader Supervision