MD Ethics, Flipping, and Predatory Lending

Tuesday June 25th, 2024 | 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Learn all about Ethics and Flipping under Maryland Law while Staying Protected from Predatory Lending

Get ahead and stay protected with this 3-hour training

You have reviewed the Code of Ethics, but do you feel confident regarding its applications in real-life scenarios? To achieve that, you need practical guidance along with an in-depth understanding of NAR’s Code of Ethics, Maryland’s Ethics, Laws, and Regulations through a course that meets the requirements set by the NAR. Tristar Academy has developed the perfect solution in the form of this 3-hour course that offers an in-depth analysis of ethical considerations from both a historical and philosophical standpoint. It discusses the regulatory and legal framework of the NAR Code of Ethics, its mandatory prescriptions, and the guidelines for ethical business operations. The participants are exposed to a wide array of relevant rules, laws, and regulations on ethics and morality, the relationship between the two concepts, and the necessity to imbibe the prescriptions of the NAR Code of Ethics. The express provisions of the Preamble, Articles, Standards of Practice, and Case interpretations are thereafter discussed in finer details to enhance the participant’s understanding of the ethical expectations imposed on them. The course further deals with predatory lending and illegal flipping practices and suggests ways to handle and resolve incidents of these practices. This course will help you
  • Master the obligations and rules as mentioned in the NAR and Maryland Code of Ethics
  • Apply the Code of Ethics guidelines and principles to your practice as outlined by the National Association of REALTORS®
  • Understand how the recent changes to the code can affect your business
  • Resolve disagreements with colleagues through the successful implementation of mediation techniques
  • Structure and protect your real estate flipping business through the use of the latest techniques.
  • Understand how ordinary steps in the mortgage process are used by predatory lenders to cheat borrowers
  • Identify how borrowers are cheated through routine steps in the mortgage process by predatory lenders.
  • Protect your clients and yourself from predatory lending practices
Our courses are delivered online by experts via Zoom allowing you to attend from the comfort of your home. I want to get started now - Register Now This course is a 3-hour Maryland Continuing Education Requirement Category: D - Real estate ethics or professional standards